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Dubai – Social Etiquette

Dubai is one of the nations that comprise the Islamic world. Even though the emirate has ascended to get one of the problem areas in this day and age with its quick-rising cosmopolitanism, yet the reality remains that despite everything it clings to its foundations in a bigger number of ways than one. For the individuals who are as of now part of Dubai and the individuals who expect to do as such, there are a few things from the preservationist vessels of Dubai culture that must be borne at the top of the priority list.

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In Dubai, Islam is advanced and instilled in kids since early on, wherein the fundamental precepts are the core interest. Aside from this, all kids need to learn Arabic. The primary concern is – Learn the guidelines of Dubai if you are in Dubai.

A couple of pointers towards general social decorum and quirks are given beneath:

o Girls and ladies need to spruce up unobtrusively as the way of life are for the most part male-centric.

o There is no impulse for ladies to wear the conventional Arabic dress called “abaya” which is worn over typical attire. Be that as it may if they need to go for western dresses, the skirts, tops or pants being referred to must not be uncovering.

o Eating, drinking, and smoking are carefully illegal at open spots during the Holy month of Ramadan, one of the significant occasions of the year for Muslims around the globe. The explanation is that the daytime during Ramadan is dedicated to watching fasts and going to God.

o Some workplaces and open spots have checked “Muslim” and “Non-Muslim” zones. One needs to cling to the equivalent at such places.

o If non-Muslim wishes to visit one of the numerous great mosques in the emirate, s/he can do so just through exceptional guided visits.

o Live seeing someone is taboo by law.

o Public showcases of warmth are likewise something glanced downward on in Dubai.

o Arabic is the official language of Dubai. Be that as it may, English is additionally comprehended and spoken by the lion’s share of the populace in Dubai.

o Unless one is sure beyond a shadow of a doubt whether a local take liquor, one shouldn’t offer a beverage to the individual.

o One should avoid any word/activity that is disrespectful or hostile to Islamic within the sight of Muslims.


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